A new teardown is Loom-ing

Breaking down Loom's welcome email...

Hey there!

Hope you’re keeping well!

This week I had a look at Loom’s welcome email. I use Loom a lot when walking my clients through the work I’ve done. It’s a great product, and I was hoping their welcome email would be equally as good.

SPOILER: It wasn’t.

So let’s dig in…

You know the drill by now. I’ll start with the subject line. “Welcome to Loom!” Yawn. It’s boring, it’s uninspired, and it doesn’t make me want to open the email. That cute little camera emoji does nothing to change my mind either.

As for the sender, it really helps to send onboarding emails from an actual person. Even a fictional person is better. Sending it from “The Loom Team” feels a little impersonal. The aim is to mimic a one-on-one conversation as much as possible.

The email body starts off strongly. It lists a couple of the key benefits of Loom, a useful reminder for those still on the fence. It also uses some social proof, in the form of “4 million professionals” who are using Loom. This goes a long way to making me trust the product.

The rest of the email starts giving me a lot of different information. There are 4 different links I can click here. Use cases, “ways” (whatever that actually means), the roadmap, and the help center.

Don’t get me wrong, these are all useful. But maybe condense it to 1 or 2. If you must use this many, then bullet them out instead. That would be much clearer and easier to digest.

Then we get to the CTA. I do like the specificity of it. I know that clicking that button will take me to my library. BUT… Why should I go there? What’s the context? A couple of lines before the button to explain the next steps I should take would make this CTA far more compelling.

Finally, the email is signed off by Joe (great name), the co-founder and CEO. Perfect! An email sent from the CEO. What more could I want? Everyone knows Joe isn’t actually sat there sending out these emails, but it still gives the personal touch. And that’s important. Why they didn’t make Joe the sender in the first place I don’t know.

That’s all for today’s welcome email teardown. I hope you found it useful!

If you want me to tear down your own welcome email, then you can request one here.

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