Earning your Stripes

Tearing down Stripe's welcome email...

Hey there!

This week, I’m taking a look at Stripe’s welcome email. Stripe is used by thousands of businesses that want an easy way of taking payment.

Let’s see how effective their welcome email is…

As always, I’ll start with the subject line. “Welcome to Stripe!” doesn’t tell me too much at all. I’m only going to open this if I really need to read the welcome email. Instead, a better alternative would be to lead with a benefit (eg. “Let’s get paid faster!”).

The sender of the email is “Stripe”. This is a little impersonal. I don’t want to receive emails from companies. I want to receive them from people. Use a name.

The email’s short and to the point. That’s good. However, they could’ve expanded the copy a little more to sum up the key benefits of using Stripe. You need to convince me to click that CTA.

Which brings me to the CTA itself. It’s clear and logical. I know what to expect when I click it, and starting with a verb makes it more enticing. Great work!

The second part of the email comes after the CTA. In this case it works well to provide extra support if I’m not quite ready to take the plunge and click the CTA.

It includes plenty of useful links to various help docs. The issue here is that they get kind of lost in the long paragraph. It would be much clearer to list these out with bullets.

Much like with the impersonal sender, the email is signed off by “Stripe”. Again, use this welcome email to build relationships with new users. Send the email from an actual person. It’s much more human that way.

That’s all for today. Overall, Stripe’s welcome email contains all the key information and has a great CTA. It could mostly be improved by adding a touch more personality to help strengthen those relationships with new users.

Until next time,

PS. I’m going to be changing the name from Churnbusters to “Joe Vs Churn”. Long story. But anyway expect your next email to come from that name instead!