The Meetingbird catches the worm

Tearing down Meetingbird's welcome email...

Hey there!

This week I’m tearing down Meetingbird’s welcome email. Meetingbird offers a great way of scheduling meetings and organising your day.

Let’s jump in…

First up, let’s look at the subject line. It simply says “Welcome!”. That’s a waste of prime email real estate right there. Why would I possibly want to open that email?

This is a common issue I see with welcome emails. Instead, you want to hook the reader. Force me to open it.

My alternative: “How to schedule meetings like a pro”.

As for the email itself, you can see that it’s kept nice and short. That’s a good thing. It means I’m more likely to actually read it from start to finish. Nobody wants an essay in their inbox. (Apart from you reading this…)

The body of the email doesn’t actually say very much. It talks a lot about upcoming tips and I feel that they dropped the ball on this one. Why not start sending me tips from day one?

If this email included my first tip, it would be a lot more useful, and I’d be waiting impatiently for the next one.

I do like, however, that they’ve given Paul from Meetingbird a face. Whether it’s actually his face or not I don’t know, but that doesn’t really matter. A face makes it a lot more human and helps strengthen relationships.

What the email does do well, however, is set expectations. It tells me that they’re going to send me more emails and that I should keep an eye out for them. That’ll help when it comes to the overall onboarding sequence.

But here’s the worst part about this email. There’s no CTA. Surely there are a dozen different tasks they want me to do in their product? They need to direct me to them.

Whether it’s creating a meeting link, or inputting my availability, they need to choose one key action and tell me to go and do it. No CTA means a pointless welcome email.

Overall, this welcome email could do with a few major improvements. Doing so would lead to higher open rates, and would then drive new users back to the product to start engaging with it. That’s the point of your welcome email.

I hope you found this teardown useful.

Until next time,

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