Will it be a Roam-run?

Tearing down Roam's welcome email...

Hey there!

This week I’m taking a look at Roam’s welcome email. Roam is a new and improved way of gathering your thoughts and so it seems apt that I’m gathering my thoughts on their welcome email.

Let’s dive in…

I mean I feel like a broken record at this point but let’s start with the subject line. Like most, it’s really lacklustre. There’s nothing there that gets me excited to open the email. Why not use: “Hey Joe, let’s make research a breeze!”

Then they include an image of their product. Now, Roam is all about making it easier to collate information. Unfortunately, the screenshot they use only confuses me more. It’s hard to gain any useful info from the picture. Instead, embed a video or a gif showing off the product.

Call me harsh, but this opening sentence is one of the worst I’ve seen in a welcome email. So much so I’m going to repeat it below:

“Your account will start with just a blank page in your daily notes.”

First off, so what? Why are you telling me that now? What should I do with that information?

Secondly, that sounds pretty crap. It doesn’t exactly make me want to jump in and play around. Nobody likes a blank page.

Thirdly, it sounds like I’m going to be left alone to figure out the product.

So yeah, not a great first sentence.

I’m then given a load of different links. Should I ask an expert in the Slack community, or go to the forum? Should I create a support ticket or send an email? I don’t know. Instead of giving me so many options, streamline the process for me.

Oh, and please please please give me these links in bullets so I just scan through them and find them when needed.

Which brings us to the CTA: “Check out the demo workspace”. Without any context, this is a little confusing. Why do I need to check out the demo workspace? What if I want to start my own? Also what happened to the first thing I’d see being a blank page?

Basically, the CTA confuses me. And a confusing CTA is useless. I’d have probably opted for something like, “Create your first workspace”. But that’s just me.

Sorry to say this, Roam, but your welcome email doesn’t really have anything going for it. Other than it’s short.

Until next time,

PS. Need a hand with your own welcome email? Let me know and I’ll give you some pointers.